Scarsdale Forum Inc.


Madelaine Eppenstein, President

Eli Mattioli, Vice President

Alexandra Tagami Vargo, Secretary

Matthew Martin, Treasurer

Tim Foley, Immediate Past President

Committee Chairs

Assessment Revaluation -- Steve Pass

Audit -- Thomas Giordano

Climate Resilience -- Tim Foley, Darlene LeFrancois Haber

Communications -- Jill Spielberg, Alexandra Tagami Vargo 

County Fiscal Affairs -- Richard Pinto

Development -- Ed Morgan

Downtown Revitalization -- Susan Douglass

Education -- Barry Meiselman

Fiscal Affairs Scarsdale -- Anne Hintermeister

Hospitality -- Eugenie Rosenthal

Intergovernmental Relations -- Carlos Ramirez

Investment -- Randy Guggenheimer

Membership -- Gabrielle Wise

Municipal Services -- Madelaine Eppenstein

Policy -- Eric Jaffe, Jon Mark

Program and Speaker Series -- Dara Gruenberg

Recreation -- Jeremy Gans

Scarsdale Electoral Process -- Eli Mattioli

Special Events -- Linda Blair

Sustainability -- Darlene LeFrancois Haber


Eric Cheng, Alexander Harrison, Karen Smith – to serve until May 2021

Diane Greenwald, Dara Gruenberg, Sergi Flaster - to serve until May 2022

Sarah Bell, Marcie Berman-Goldstein, Christian Callaghan – to serve until May 2023